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The innovative stand-alone exhibitions and project management system

The innovative stand-alone exhibitions and project management system

MY-EXPO is the first stand-alone exhibition management system. Powerful, flexible and easy to use, it features everything the team needs to carry out all kind of exhibitions from A to Z, as well as the opportunity to carry out and link all associated projects such as inward and outward loans. It was specifically designed for cultural institutions such as museums, libraries, archives centers as well as all exhibition spaces.



MY-EXPO focuses on every aspect of exhibition management, and integrates very advanced features: wish list and selection of artworks, availability checking, tasks management, alerts configuration, object location control and tracking, movement management, conservation matters, recommendations, digital asset management etc.

As a collaborative work solution, it enables all participants of a project to share a same system. All have a customized access in compliance with the rights associated to their profiles: curator, exhibition managers, transporters, conveyors, insurers, lenders, borrowers, set designers, photographers, administrators etc.

Last but not least, MY-EXPO is a reliable memory tool enabling to keep track of all processes, all decisions made so that authorized users can access all information about any past events: projects, objects, transfers, tasks, condition reports, administrative procedures, linked media files, pictures, videos, PDF documents etc.

MY-EXPO is a complete solution bringing dedicated features for managing efficiently, and easily all exhibitions and collections-related projects.

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