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The Louvre-Lens chooses MYEXPO by SKINsoft

The Louvre-Lens is now using the innovative application dedicated to collection and exhibition management.


The Louvre-Lens chooses MYEXPO by SKINsoft


Knowned as the “Second Louvre”, which opened to the public in 2012, the Louvre-Lens has rapidly grown into one of the most visited museums in France.

This major structure borrows every year numerous artworks from the collections of its famous Parisian neighbor, in order to set up permanent and semi-permanent exhibitions. Its activity, primarily based on project management, thus required the implementation of a powerful, state-of-the-art solution capable of managing different types of events such as exhibitions, loans, movements of objects etc.

SKINsoft has offered a tailor-made solution specifically designed for this kind of institution: MYEXPO, an innovative and stand-alone system dedicated to managing exhibitions from A to Z. Relying on the web-based technology, MYEXPO is a powerful, flexible and user-friendly tool featuring everything a team needs for managing thoroughly - and very easily - every single aspect of the exhibitions set up every year.

myEXPO can also be synchronised with SKINreporter, the offline condition reporting and movement management system installed on tablet.