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Archives management system

Archives management system

SKINarchives is a web-based system for cataloguing and preserving your physical and digital archival materials.

It can be used in conjunction with S-collection, S-museum or S-foundation.



Rigor is key in all archives-related activities, and thus placed at the core of the system, which enables a rich cataloguing work, as well as the opportunity to highlight both digital and physical archival materials.

Additionally, SKINarchives integrates a powerful and reliable digital archives management technology based on the SKINsoft's expertise in digital asset management.



SKINarchives offers a complete set of features answering the needs of today's organizations.

Workflows and collaborative work are key in SKINarchives as they guarantee speed and efficiency in all archives-related activities. The web architecture enables each user to access the system regardless of their user profile or location, and manage/report their actions in one single solution.

SKINarchives features a wide range of advanced functionalities:

  • entry register, filing plan, cataloguing

  • inventory checking, location control, packing

  • digital asset management, copyright

  • user profile management

  • data import, data export, print

  • interoperability, durability

  • controlled vocabulary, index, search

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