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Moveable and Immoveable Landscape Features

Moveable and Immoveable Landscape Features

SKINheritage is a web-based system for managing movable and immovable heritage.



SKINheritage offers specific features dedicated to territorial heritage: dedicated entries, assets locations control, MH files, locality description and management etc.

The system also features the management functionalities included in the other main systems by SKINsoft, thus ensuring a real-time tracking of all mobile and immobile assets: restoration, conservation, movements, exhibitions etc.



SKINheritage is perfectly adapted for all operations on movable and immovable assets.

Workflows and collaborative work are key in SKINheritage as they guarantee speed and efficiency in all activities. The web architecture enables each user to access the system regardless of their profile nor location, and carry out/record their actions in one single solution.

SKINheritage features a wide range of advanced functionalities:

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