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SKINsoft's innovative "savoir-faire" toolkit

SKINsoft's innovative "savoir-faire" toolkit

Skin-Dev encompasses the whole SKINsoft savoir-faire, the result of years of research carried out by the SKINsoft's team. Its is a set of modular and scalable IT components based on the concepts of our business philosophy: web-based technology, mobility, interoperability, scalability and user-friendliness.

SKINdev offers the opportunity to use an innovative "tool kit" enabling to configure tailor-made solutions depending on the needs.



Implementing a tailor-made system is relevant when the context implies multiple working methods, specific projects and internal organizations etc. Relying on a mature technical base, the power of its existing systems, the innovation brought by the integrated IT lab, as well as strong experience in IT development, SKINsoft is able to respond efficiently to such innovative development projects.



Dedicated to collections management, all the systems developed by SKINsoft represent a unique savoir-faire based on a tested and proven mechanism (featured in S-Museum, S-Collection, S-Archeo, Skin-Web, etc.). The base is built upon IT components which can be assembled in order to quickly configure and implement an exclusive, powerful and reliable system. As for the functionalities developed by SKINsoft, they allow a thorough management of artworks, objects, documents, processes etc.

Any IT components can be put together in compliance with the needs:

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