Web-based applications for collection
management and publication
The SKINsoft IT lab

SKINsoft is a 21st century IT lab specializing in the latest generation of collection management and publication systems for a wide variety of cultural institutions: museums, corporate and private collections, oral history, film archives libraries etc. Today our solutions are entirely secure and technologically unique: they are the result of a scientific research and more than 42.000 hours of development caried out in collaboration with professionals working in the preservation and cultural heritage management fields.

The innovative "savoir-faire" in collections management and publication

For over ten years, SKINsoft has been developing a fundamental research dedicated to the «new generation» of collections management and publication systems.

Museums, foundations, private collections, corporate historical collections etc. are most concerned by these innovative and scalable solutions which stand today at the cutting edge of the web-based technology.

SKINsoft has a core of applications rich in solutions, available for many different services. The model is based on an open base enabling the automatic generation of customized applications for different needs: museums of all kind and size, libraries, multimedia libraries, archives etc.

SKINsoft's continuous research and development policy enables us to offer web-based applications, all accessible from a web browser using different types of terminals (computers, mobile devices, interactive kiosks...), leading users to quickly and easily discover the different functionalities available.

SKINsoft’s innovative approach focuses on taking a different and innovative direction regarding research and development by creating metamodels which can be adapted to a wide variety of professional needs and fields. Each partnership is an experience which fosters the evolution and enrichment of applications like S-museum, myEXPO and more recently S-cinema.