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Foundation collections management system

Foundation collections management system


S-foundation is a web-based system for managing all types of collections held by private foundations or institutions: art, history, industry, digital and physical assets, archives, photographs, videos and audio files.



S-foundation is a powerful, easy-to-use system covering all the needs of today's foundations, and focusing primarily on cataloguing as well as digital and physical collections management.

Several modules are featured in S-foundation: documentation, inventory, communication etc. as well as an event management tool enabling users to carry out all kind of collections-related projects: travelling exhibitions, movements of objects, incoming and outgoing loans, security and object tracking.

S-foundation can be shared by several institutions and used by any authorized users, administrators or visitors.

It is also an open and interoperable system enabling data harvesting, data import as well as the availability of contents for third-party systems, websites, mobile applications etc.



Configurations and easiness are key in S-foundation as they guarantee speed and efficiency in all collections-related activities. The web-based architecture enables each user to access the system regardless of their profile nor location.

S-foundation features a wide range of advanced functionalities:


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