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Multilingual collections management

Partner: New York State Historical Association, British Council, Cinémathèque suisse


Multilingual collections management


Multilingual systems can be a necessity depending on the context of the institution and the country. Canada, for instance, has two official languages (English and French); Switzerland has four (German, French, Italian and Romansch).

As an international institution, the Cinémathèque suisse (Swiss National Film Archives) has to take multilinguism into account. The staff is indeed located in both the German-speaking and French-speaking areas of the country (Zurich and Lausanne) and must document the collections in all four languages.

Working with SKINsoft has led to the improvement of the multilingual capabilities of our solutions. Now, both the interface and the versions of the records can be switched to any other available languages.

The Cinémathèque suisse is truly a museum of the seventh art as it gathers extensive cinema-related collections. The Research and Archive Center, located in Penthaz, holds over 70,000 film copies, representing about 160 million miles of rolls (three times the Earth's circumference!). The Cinémathèque suisse also preserves both digital and physical films.

The cinema library is the most important one in Switzerland, and gathers international publications including hundreds of hard-to-find books, magazines from the 1910s to nowadays, as well as countless corporate newspapers in French and Swiss for the most part. The library also has unique archives: around 90,000 documentary records featuring over 5 million national and international press clippings, historical promotional materials from the 1920s to nowadays. The Cinémathèque suisse focuses on the preservation and highlightment of the Swiss cultural heritage, but collections from other countries are also featured.

In the archival center located in Penthaz, the Cinémathèque suisse holds around thirty archives collections originating from cinema institutions or important figures.

The Cinémathèque's iconographic department is also one of Europe's major ones with 2.8 million photographs (most of them being movie scenes, portraits, making-of pictures, lobby cards etc.) as well as 300,000 posters covering the cinema history.

S-cinema is a multilingual system just like S-museum and S-collection, which are used by international institutions such as the New York State Historical Association and the British Council.

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