Web-based applications for collection
management and publication
Our solutions

SKINsoft has developed the latest-generation of collection management systems featuring state-of-the-art capabilities, exceptional performance and user-friendliness. The solutions are created from multiple modules, which can be easily assembled together depending on your needs. they communicate with each other and are all accessed via the same interface.  

Innovative and scalable collections management and publication systems


Since its inception, SKINsoft has aspired to provide the cultural world with modern, easy-to-use and complete collection management systems, in France and internationally. SKINsoft has been an active participant in international programs, including the Europeana Inside Project, as well as the SPECTRUM standard (Collection Trust UK). Today SKINsoft applications support international standards for collection management, and are multilingual. Available today in several languages including French, English, German, and Norwegian, they can easily be translated into other languages if needed.

Flexible and Interoperable

SKINsoft is well aware that cultural institutions may already be using a set of internal systems for managing every aspect of their daily activities. This is why all of SKINsoft applications have documented APIs, making them easily interfaceable with third-party systems. This feature allows a quick, easy and safe communication with other existing software, mobile applications etc. Interoperability is a major aspect of SKINsoft's savoir-faire.

Multi-institution support

SKINsoft can provide one single application for managing the collections of several institutions at the same time while granting each individual access to their own database. Thus, each institution remains independent and keeps their own work methods thanks to the system's flexibility, as well as the integrated configuration tools. This solution has for instance been implemented within the network of 25 museums operated by the French Ministry of Armed Forces.