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Eclectic Collections Management: from the Museum to the Film Archive

​Document, manage, and publish collections of different nature, physical and/or digital, in the same tool, while using different documentation standards.


Eclectic Collections Management: from the Museum to the Film Archive


​If the main purpose of a collections management software is to document artworks, this purpose has now been extended to new practices and professions in cultural institutions.

From inventory management to collections publication on the web, from collections management to communication, from conservation to exhibition, the use of IT solutions has considerably developed. At SKINsoft, our software is considered as a collaborative working tool, shared by all the professions of the cultural institutions. A federative tool adapted to documentation standards, objects, books, archives, images, films, sound recordings, etc.

Which museum has never questioned the documentary process of photographic or video collections, which are in part made up of contemporary works. Nowadays, films, videos and photographs are gradually entering collections and inventories.

On the opposite, film archives collect films, and around the film, everything that contributes to its existence... The inspiration work, scripts, filming accessories, set photographs, contracts, rushes, silver or digital films, communication elements, trailers, etc.

Whether the collection object is at the heart of the institution's activity, or whether it is the film itself, the need is the same: to document the work and its life, the context of creation and production, its cultural events!

At SKINsoft, we understood this. 

S-museum and S-movies share the same architecture, the same precepts, and meet the needs of, for one, today's museums, for the other, film archives. The customizable and user-friendly nature of the application does the rest.