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Library and multimedia collections management system

Library and multimedia collections management system

Skin-Libris is a web-based system for scientific libraries of all size, as well as all types of collections.

The system features powerful functionalities for managing library and media library collections, and can be used in conjunction with one of the main systems by SKINsoft.



Skin-Libris is a dedicated solution for books periodical, handwritten manuscripts, illustrated documents,multimédia files, all, and features specific and dedicated functionalities for cataloging, faciliting searches, enabling specialized users to access the database.



Skin-Libris features functionalities perfectly adapted for the management of library-related collections. Workflows and collaborative work are key in Skin-Libris as they guarantee speed and efficiency in all activities. The web architecture enables each authorized user to access the system regardless of their profile nor location.

Skin-Libris features a wide range of advanced functionalities:

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