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Archaeological operations and collections management system

Archaeological operations and collections management system

S-Archeo is a web-based system for managing and tracking archaeological operations. S-Archeo covers the needs and expectations of institutions of all sizes.



S-Archeo is a flexible, powerful and user-friendly solution for all archaeology-related profiles, offering them a wide range of customization opportunities: description entries, procedures, bookmarks management, input modes etc.

All scientific works and operations are safely recorded in S-Archeo, thus enabling users to manage a rich database and link information altogether: administrative information, archaeological data, excavation reports, etc.

S-Archeo is an efficient assistance tool for both individual and collaborative work, and guarantees the required data confidentiality at each single step of the scientific analysis, from field operations to the actual publication.

S-Archeo can be shared by several institutions and used by any profiles from the team.

It is also an open and interoperable system enabling data harvesting, data import as well as the availability of contents for third-party systems, websites, mobile applications etc.



S-Archeo offers advanced features covering all archaeology-related needs and can easily adapt to all work environments.

Workflows and collaborative work are key in S-Archeo as they facilitate the preparation of all operations. Any projects carried out by the different user profiles (archaeologists, registrars, experts etc.) are shared in one single system:

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