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MY EXPO now at the Luma Foundation

The innovative stand-alone exhibition management software by SKINsoft has been implemented at the institution in charge of carrying out Maja Hoffman's famous international cultural project.


MY EXPO now at the Luma Foundation


Luma Arles is an ambitious project consisting in a rich and dynamic exhibition program, now organized entirely - and easily - with myEXPO, SKINsoft's new stand-alone exhibition management software also used by the Louvre-Lens.

Team work coordination, tasks management, configurable alerts and notifications, workflows, movements of exhibited items, real-time tracking and location are just a few of the key features facilitating the work done by the Luma Foundation in every single exhibition project.

The Luma Foundation has followed the footsteps of numerous other cultural foundations also equipped with a software by SKINsoft: Fondation Maeght, Fondation Carmignac, Fondation Taylor in France, and of course corporate foundations such as the Colas international Group as well as the Alliances Group in Morocco.