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The philanthropist approach of the Jérome Seydoux-Pathé foundation at the service of cinema history

​​Working on old movies restoration and to the exhibition of Pathé’s heritage, the Jérome Seydoux-Pathé foundation stands as a major actor of the promotion of the early stages of cinema.
The philanthropist approach of the Jérome Seydoux-Pathé foundation at the service of cinema history
To sit in a movie theatre and be the spectator of a silent film, projected along with a live piano solo, is a unique experience that brings us back to the beginning of 20th century cinema. This exceptional moment is proposed to us by the Jérome Seydoux-Pathé foundation, located Avenue des Gobelins in Paris, during public screenings.

The foundation came with the objective to restore, protect and share the treasures of silent movies and works now for the conservation and the provision to the public of the historical heritage that builds its collections. With also a research center aimed towards historians, teachers and students, as well as towards movie goers, the Jérome Seydoux-Pathé Foundation takes part in the diffusion of cinema history through Pathé’s heritage.

Through film collections, and especially more than 9.000 silent films, but also iconographic reports, advertising documents, cameras, books and archives, the foundation owns a plural and rich heritage that gives the possibility for the public to dive into a unique historical universe.

This philanthropist approach supported by an in-depth work of conserving cinematographic artworks required an access to an online collections publication tool. Looking towards the SKINsoft’s collections management software, the foundation has been equipped with the collections diffusion portal Skin-Web.

The Skin-Web portal allows thus to gather tools adapted to the new stakes of sharing and enhancing collections online, such as exhibitions and virtual museums, digital catalogues, pedagogical content or even interactive documentary films owned by the Jérome Seydoux-Pathé foundation.

The Jérome Seydoux-Pathé foundation's web portal for collections sharing is retrievable here.