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SKINsoft continues its international expansion in Norway

The Sørlandets Kunstmuseum will house one of Norway's most important collections of contemporary art.


SKINsoft continues its international expansion in Norway


SKINsoft has recently been selected to equip the Sørlandets Kunstmuseum / Kunstsilo (SKMU) based in Kristiansand, southern Norway. 

Already home to a rich cultural offering, the city is having one of its iconic historic sites, the Kunstsilo, undergoing renovation as it sets to become the new home of the museum in the future. Formerly a grain silo, the building will host the SKMU's heritage, the world’s largest collection of Nordic modernist art, along with a large exhibition space. 

Through this partnership, SKINsoft and SKMU are weaving their vision of contemporary collection management. Like the museum itself, the new solution will federate both the documentation of the works and the management of the cultural projects that mark the life of the museum. 

As part of this project, an online portal will be installed, featuring attractive looks and modern features that will bring about SKMU's ambition: sharing the museum's heritage with the large public.