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Collection Management from the unique perspective of University Museums

Teachers, researchers, students and all other actors involved in University Museums collections, are contributors and spectators at the same time.


Collection Management from the unique perspective of University Museums


University Museums are unique institutions with special needs both in terms of organisation and missions. Their collections aim to promote research at the University and facilitate teaching by allowing learning methods with objects all around. Thus, these institutions of higher education must fulfill an important cultural mission.

For academics, these collections are a rich source of information. For students, they are an exceptional way to deepen their knowledge. It is also by reaching out to their communities that these institutions bring the cultural heritage that they possess to the public. Therefore, Universities need dedicated tools to meet these specific requirements.

The Musée Universitaire de Louvain, or Musée L, is a relevant example of such institutions. Housing scientific as well as artistic collections, including Human History collections, the 20.000 works are an extraordinary resource for teachers, students and researchers from the University (UCLouvain), but also for visitors. Today, the Belgium museum stands as a major cultural actor within its community.

To support and accompany University Museums in their complex missions, SKINsoft has adapted its collection management and publication software offer. By allowing advanced research and study possibilities, progressive collection management functionalities and the possibility to create web portals dedicated to the public, SKINsoft is able to meet the multiple aspirations of the different actors working with this type of collections. By both contributing to and benefiting from the collection management software, the synergy between teachers, researchers and students is strengthened.

Thanks to software such as S-Museum, SKIN-DAM and SKIN-Web, all these tasks can be performed within a single software package which can be customized according to the type of structure and needs.

In this perspective, the Musée Universitaire de Louvain has chosen SKINsoft's innovative software to manage and publish its eclectic collections.