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Managing eclectic collections within one single and shared system

Partners: the French Ministry of Armed Forces, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Museums of the Republic of Colombia, Département de l'Isère


Managing eclectic collections within one single and shared system


Today, many cultural institutions operating networks of museums look for a way to manage each of them in a shared way.

Indeed this approach facilitates the management process as it leads to pooling the teams' energies, adopting common practices and optimizing the tools management.

SKINsoft has worked on several projects involving this kind of situation. This is the case, for instance, of the 22 institutions operated by the Département de l'Isère (museums, libraries, monuments) which represents one of the most important heritage conservation in France.

The Département de l'Isère was used to managing each institution with different solutions. Thus, the team wanted to replace them all by one single web-based, modern, multi-collections management system featuring multi-institution support; a same application for all needs, thus encompassing museum collections, library and monument management, as well as an advanced DAM for managing digital collections (images, videos, documents, audio files etc.) linked to the databases.

The solution implemented at the Département de l'Isère features S-Museum, Skin-Libris, Skin-Heritage as well as Skin-Web for the publication of the collections on a shared web portal.


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